A Student’s Guide to Sudan

As I sit here in the middle of no where, waiting for my uncle to come pick me up. I guess the only thing I can do is write something to go on this blog. So I was thinking, why not write a guide for students wanting to study in Sudan and what they might experience the first couple of days at a Sudanese university or college. I’ve lost my voice due to a horrible cold and have been paying extra attention to everything so here you go:

1) You’ll probably hear the word “barloom” a lot; it comes from the English word ‘Preliminary’ as in the first stage of something bigger. As you all know the first year is the preliminary stage to university therefore people here in Sudan have made it a tradition to toughen you up by playing pranks on you. Especially your seniors as in second years. It can go anywhere from sending you to the opposite gender dorms to simply sending you to the other end of the university. They call it ‘Barlama برلمة’.


2) The Sudanese population are naturally nice and welcoming but you’ll still find those people whom are a minority. You’ll hear about drugs being used and you’ll find people smoking cigarettes all around you. There’s this other type of drug that you will see being widely used called ‘Saffa سفة’. It’s a horrible kind of tobacco that is put in the mouth, it harms the body in many ways eventually killing you.Don’t get me wrong I’m against both of them so try your best to not get close to these kinds of people.

 3) The sun is HORRIBLE! You’ll probably need a ton of sunscreen and sunglasses. You may use a fan but people might mistake you for a really spoiled kid and you wouldn’t want that due to the thing that can come afterwards from bullying to bombarding your self-esteem.


Yes, Evil! D:

4) Any signs of affection towards the other gender is prohibited as the Sudanese people are Muslims living in a way where all of this can be seen as disrespect to the wider population. People will see you as ” Bit/Walad Haram بت/ولد حرام” which roughly translates to “Illegitimate Daughter/Son’. Believe me you wouldn’t want to be called such names as eventually no one will respect you and you might just as well be an animal.


Hahahahahahaha, I know hilarious :’D

5) Professors here have this extra boost of self-esteem where they think they are the smartest people who ever existed. Don’t tell them that they are wrong or try to fix their English it will end in one of two ways either you ending expelled or you failing their subject. Neither are good so keep your mouth to yourself. Also, keep your manners to yourself don’t show them extra manners. Once my friend held the door for the Professor to enter out of respect, he ended up closing the door behind him and she didn’t get to enter because ” no one enters after him”.

All in all, studying here is awesome so far! Everything is cool as long as you keep safe and very alarm.I highly recommend studying here as the problems they have are the same as many other universities. So enjoy your university life here or anywhere! 😀

P.S. If I get to know about anything else I’ll post it here; so check from time to time for any updates :*


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