AlSouq AlSha3bee السوق الشعبي

So many people roaming around, yet my eyes lay upon one woman in particular. She sits there with a cardboard box in front of her and things laid upon it. Tasalee, Doom, Gongoleez and many more sudanese snacks. Her face wrinkled by time and her hands worn out from all the work. Her back hunched and pressed towards the ground by all the weight she is carrying on her shoulders. All those years under the blistering sun just to ensure her children’s future. She is determined, she is caring, she is there.

Her eyes red, from the lack of sleep and insomnia she has been having for the last who knows how many years. But how could she sleep when she is in constant thought of what will or will not happen tomorrow? How could she sleep with all that stress guiding her brain? How could she sleep with all those people?

I guess you can call them her three horsemen; Anxiety wearing a dress that left nothing to imagination, carrying with her a child that would grow up to become Worry. Fear, his armour was dark with no features when you searched for them,if you heard his voice you were certain to never forget it. And finally, the last horseman, the one she fears the most, the one with the sharpest edges, Guilt. She knows him well, for with him the rest follow.

She doesn’t feel guilty for birthing her children, she feels guilty for not being able to afford the highest and best forms of education for them. For not being able to feed them the most luxurious types of food. For not being able to ensure a bright future for them. For not being able to spend more time with them. Yet she sits there, with a smile on her face. She might have issues but to her, smiling towards everyone and brightening their day is crucial. Everyone needs to get at least one smile to warm their heart. She believes in all the morals, all the ethics. She is truly amazing. She is forgiving, peaceful and she understands. Understands that this world, it is temporary and feeling bad for oneself is useless. Instead, she makes the best of what she got.

She has nothing yet has everything.



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