Dad, Mum.

17 years of life under my parent’s roof, I learnt a lot. I learnt to love and learnt to hate. I learnt to forgive and forget. I learnt to stop and overcome. I learnt all what is important for my continuing my life and therefore I thank my parents because without them I wouldnt be anything. They gave me parts of them to help me grow. They used their voice until they faded away, worked soo hard for my education. Loved me when I needed it the most. Dad, Mum, I love you.

All these morals and manners learnt from them, so I go around implementing them. People shock me. I believe in treating people nicely and being treated the same way. I believe in being kind to people and not getting anything in return. Yet when I try to do something for someone all I get is the shock on their faces. The disbelief, the skepticism.

Have people really become so heartless that non believe that kindness exists anymore? I do things that I find normal or even nothing and people seem to find it a huge deal. You might ask why is this a bad thing? But really I fear for humanity.Have love and kindness become soo rare and extinct that people are genuinely amazed by any acts of them? Have we really stooped that low?

We need to grow, plant our own seeds everywhere because trust me, you will love seeing your seeds flourish in time.


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