Hide and Seek

When you were young you used to hide for fun,

Slotting yourself in places waiting to be sought,

You used to run, wind on your step, to enter your den,

Playing for hours, never standing still,

You’d hide and hide and people would seek,

But with time you’d hide never being sought,

It became more than a game,

You became so good at it, you found joy in the hiding,

You closed your ears, blocking all the calls,

Blocked your mind, staying extremely still,

You’d lock yourself away in your highest tower,

Isolating yourself from the world,

The world you hated soo much, the world that you hid from.

A game so intense you were frightened of the chase,

But one day someone will come seeking,

As they were also hiding,

Looking and searching until they find a crack,

They’ll peek into it and you’ll be there,

but will you be afraid or relieved?

Will you be happy or sad?

Found or Freed?

You choose.


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