So is Life

Walls, boulders or even erratics; call them what you want but they still halt your motion. You’d be moving through life everything going okay until suddenly something stops you. You don’t know what to do so you stand there in shock staring at the object in front of you. It looks like you can climb over it, just about 10 feet high. BOOM! More layers. It grows and grows until the colour of the sky around it deepens morphing into pitch black. Everything scares you now, everything seems to have closed. The space around you starts to get tighter and it feels like it’s pressing on your chest. You take fast and shallow breaths trying to get as much oxygen into your system as possible. Yet nothing seems to work.

So instead you start looking for a way around it, running on its side for kilometres nothing changing. Yet you are determined to find a way. Your pace slows down and your breathing quickens. Nothing, just nothing. The rock seems to not have no end, neither up, not down or right or left. Instead you sit with your back to it, thinking about all that is happening and how you have finally found something to stop you. Something to conclude your plans. This is the end.

There’s still one way though, back. You stand up and pat the dust off your clothes. One last look at the thing that ended everything and your eyes catch something. You must be dreaming, looking closer you find a hole. A patch just big enough for your foot to hold on to. It was your mum, she told you you can do it. Then it was your best friend, simply talking to you bringing some joy into your life. Something is changing and with everything that happens, another hole appears on the perennial boulder. That smile on that old woman’s face when you gave her a hand to cross the road. Helping that little kid in need. Playing with a baby. Feeling loved, feeling trusted, simply feeling like you matter. You look up and see so many pits, all tracing your way up and over it. So you start. First step wasn’t that easy neither was the 30th but by the 50th you got hold of the whole thing. You’re moving up at a steady pace. You can do this.

At the top, you stand. The view ecstatic, you’re glad you didn’t give up. You made it. C’est la vie. That’s life, it’s hard yet with help you can make it. The people who are meant to be will be there and they will matter. So never give up and never underestimate the people around you. Thanks Mum. Thanks Dad. Thanks A. Thanks H. Thank you all, Im here today because of you, I deeply appreciate it.



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