Two Sided Sun

You know that feeling when the sun is touching your skin and all you feel is warmth and coziness? But then the sun can change and burn, burn you really deep only to leave a scar on you. This scar might hurt but after a while it’ll be gone, and you’ll hardly remember it. Well that’s frienships for you. They start of amazing, you love the person and they love you back. You do everything together, talk about everything together. But then something changes and they hurt you and leave a burn. Just like the sun, they burn right through you.

But have you ever stopped and thought, maybe that heat only hurt you because you changed. You see, you only feel warmth when your skin is cold and you want that warmth and you only feel the burn after spending too long under the sun. Maybe it was all your fault, maybe you allowed yourself to burn. You were too trusting, too believing and you basked under all that soothing feeling you got from the sun.

So the next time, you took all the precautions. You put sunscreen on and spent as little time under the sun as possible. You were scared of getting that burn back. No friends means no burn.

I was like that, I got burned SOO bad and couldn’t get over it. I fell to deep but look at me now; I believe I have the best friends anyone could ask for. And the best dormmates you can ever ask for XP. I truly love you all. So I guess what I’m trying to say is the burns are temporary and not everyone is the same. The friends I have now were worth the burns I had on my search. Especially that one special friend that will always and forever have a special place in my heart.



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