People hurt, they hurt you bad. You feel anaemic, you feel like nothing is rushing through your veins anymore. Like everything has been ripped away from you. People stab you, then others come and knock you down. It doesn’t end with what the first ones did, it continues pilling up on itself until it gets so great that you just break. You seem to give up on life and give up on everything. It doesn’t just hurt physically but emotionally. Your heart seems like it broke into two halves; each carrying with it heavier weights than the other.

They all get deposited in your Hurt Locker. Loading, stacking and heaping.

Then you realise that no one cares what you’ve been through or what hurts you; they’re here to hurt you just as bad as the previous people did. They are here to give you their share of the pain.Their share might break you or it might just pile up next to the rest of the pain. You wouldn’t know until afterwards. After they inflict their darkest and saddest thoughts on you, after they spill and inkjet their venom into every crack in your body. After hurting you to such a point where there is certainly no return.

But remember you seem to have a 100% success rate at overcoming them. You’re here reading this and that shows just how strong you are. It shows just how you, out of all people, will be able to overcome yet another blow. Yet another hit. You see it’s not about how hard you fell, it’s about how high you rise when you get back up.

Don’t worry, We got this.


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