I was standing. Next thing I knew, I was floating.

Some people might describe is as

“Redness, whiteness, blackness” 

But I’m here to tell you how I felt. It was like I was slowly being lifted up to the sky, being pulled by these small impeccable  threads. Only to be thrown right back and my heart stopping as I felt myself approach my certain doom. My heart was all the way up there but my body was sucked into an eternal black hole, soo strong that my body was sucked in leaving my soul behind.

I was still floating, yet I was sinking. I really couldn’t differentiate. After a while I just lost control and all I could feel was the blackness surrounding me. Suffocating me, holding me tighter and tighter taking my breaths away. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, suck in, whimper out.

I opened my eyes and all I saw were the lights. The blinding lights. At least I’m alive, at least I still breathe. I’m glad I made it. And I go right back to my darkness but this time I go willingly.


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