What is…

Ive always been that person who asks all the questions and never waits for an answer. Moving on to the next question just as fast as I got the last one. Too many question yet no answers. I need to stop wandering around and knocking on all these doors and running. I need to stop in front of one and wait for an answer.

I knock and knock, I wait and wait. There is no answer. No answer to the door and no answer to my question. I need to know and I picked this door out of them all because I need this answer the most. This question has been haunting me all my life, its been running in circles inside my head. Haunting me like a ghost, stealing from me like a thief. Yet I took the road untaken, to lead me to a place undiscovered. To lead me to my answer, to help me discover everything. You must be wondering what my question is but if you dig deep enough you’ll wonder too.

“What is my purpose?”


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