I revere her

  I was reading this book and the teacher asked her students to write a 100-word piece about someone they looked up to without using any adjectives. Well it startled me, but then it challenged me. So here’s my try on it. 

And yes, this is exactly 100 words.

“I revere her.

I guess it’s the way she sits there along the benches fully absorbed into her work that sparks me. Looking at her things, not awaiting anyone. I can’t help but approach. 

It’s her dedication to her education and her future. It’s the sight of her biting her lips; drowning in thoughts. It’s the way she holds herself and the way she looks up to her mother.

Her concentration caves to joy as she sees me. Putting away her things; exactly where they are meant to be. She gives me her full attention. 

Do you now understand why?” 


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