Inbred hideout

I’ve come to hide in myself. Something of an inbred hideout. People continuously let me down; so I’ve come to save myself by hiding in myself. I hide through building walls against those on the outside, through blocking the sounds from them and most importantly blocking anything from my heart to save it from breaking.

You see I keep on falling into the same holes. I trust too deep and love too hard. Leaving me mostly always broken and alone. I used to think that being alone was just plain painful because I’d have no one to confide in. But now I’ve learned that being alone is better than confiding in someone and them disheartening you.

It seems desolate, the people who I used to tell everything barely know anything of what has been going on with me anymore. That is why I often cut everyone lose and conceal almost everything. Simply, because they don’t seem to ask. I listen, I’ve always been. I love to listen to what they have to say, but sometimes I want them to listen. But just as soon as I start to speak they come up with an excuse to leave or simply just, leave. No warning, nothing.

I have this saying “often the people whom you call home, simply kick you out”. And that Ladies and Gentlemen, is why you should ALWAYS build a home of and within yourself to ensure you never get kicked out.


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