Have you ever just sat there. In peace. In your own little bubble.

Your eyes unfocused; but you leave them be. Unusually deep into thought that it doesn’t even matter whether you can see or not. A couple blurs of colour, nothing quite clear. But that’s alright because you don’t need it to be. You don’t want to put the effort into it because you’re happy here; there. In that corner of your brain.

Your ears blocked; but you don’t try to fix them.Because secretly; those voices and noises being far away is just another level of bliss. Another level of ecstasy that you haven’t felt in such a long time. It might not feel well after a while but its worth it. The almost silence. The bordering on euphoria.

Everyone needs that break; that escape from everything.

Embrace it when it comes; let everything be nebulous and you will travel to a world unseen.



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