the wizard behind the curtain

Well, lets start off completely honest; neither am I a wizard nor am I hiding behind a curtain.


(Yup, that’s me just imagine it was a girl)

I am not the smartest of people nor the wisest. In fact I’m just a normal teenager who wants to share her thoughts with the world. I am Dutch/ Sudanese coming from an Emigrant family.  And as of next year, I will be returning to my home land to attend university. Hence the name of this blog, “Blog Raqam Wahid’ translating to blog number one. Simply because the number one exhibits a fresh start; on my blog and in my life.


(Yes, Northern Sudan :P)

I’m actually quite a talkative person with a love for books and literature; possessing a wandering mind stuck in a stationary body. I think like it’s my job and the weirdest of questions pop into my head in the most awkward situations. “What if the red that I see is the blue that someone else sees?”, “In what language do babies think?”….. Questions and questions that never seem to end; and sometimes never find an answer. Therefore I started this blog, a blog to put my thoughts into words and my days into paragraphs. I discuss thoughts that astound me and things that happen to me. People will see Sudan through the eyes of someone who has only been there every second summer from when they were young.



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